🌺 Floral splendor for your event

Whether it's for grand events or intimate functions, Östermalms florists are your partner for creating memorable moments through floral art. We specialize in organizing flowers for both large and small events and are privileged to serve businesses of all sizes. We are a team of eight florists at your service.

Magnificent Arches and Elegant Table Decorations

We lift your events to new heights with impressive flower arches and refined table decorations. Our creations range from grand arches to enchanting table decorations and unique flower arrangements. Every detail is carefully selected to reflect your unique style and enhance the atmosphere of elegance and charm.

Diversity of Customers: From Banks to Embassies and Hotels

Our clientele spans various sectors, including banks, cosmetics companies, public companies, embassies, hotels and more. We understand that every business and event is unique, and we tailor our floral arrangements to match your specific vision and needs.

Commitment to Community and Innovation

We are proud sponsors of " My Big Day ", where we work to create magical moments for children in difficult situations. In addition, we annually grace the event " Women in Science " and collaborate with several cosmetics and fashion companies when they launch new products in various galleries. Our aim is not only to create beautiful flower arrangements, but also to be a positive force in society and promote innovation. Most recently, we helped the Stockholm Film Festival create unique bouquets.

Contact Us to Make Your Next Event Memorable

Whether it's a corporate banquet, a product launch or an intimate gathering, we are dedicated to creating floral splendor that will be a memory for life. Contact us today to discuss your wishes and together let's create a floral artwork that will enchant your guests.

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